Fighting to Control Crowds? Here's why Retractable Stanchions are your Secret Weapon

What are Retractable Stanchions?

Have you ever been lining up at an H&M or Tim Hortons? In front of the cashier, where customers line up, there are a set of upright posts that are connected by retractable belts. They look like this:

While you may not notice them much as a customer, these poles are a crucial element in a business’s strategy for controlling crowds and managing lineups. We’ve all experienced the problems that unmanaged lineups and large crowds can bring. They can block pathways, prevent employees from doing their job, and throw your store or event into complete chaos and disorder.

Sometimes it can feel like crowd control is a losing battle. That’s why you should be adding these retractable belt barriers into your crowd control arsenal. They’ll let you beat back the crowds and control the inevitable chaos that comes with managing large groups of people

Why Should I Use Stanchions?

Stanchions are by no means the only crowd control device out there. Businesses and events could use alternatives such as plastic barriers, folding gates, even duct tape to create barriers and outline lineups. But here are the key benefits that make stanchions one of the best crowd control options available.

Retractable Stanchions Reduce Wait Times

One of the most significant benefits to using retractable stanchions comes down to lowering wait times through the creation of organized lineups. An organized and effective stanchion layout performs two tasks; it reduces stress and wait times for customers and increases employee efficiency.

For customers, an effective stanchion layout can reduce wait times and lower the frustration and uncertainty that comes with finding and choosing the right line. Wait times end up decreasing as a result of a clear lineup hierarchy and increased organization to what would otherwise be a chaotic crowd.

Bottom line, when you use stanchions effectively, your customers will know where to start a line, how to move a line, and where to end the line. Accomplishing these simple tasks means that your employees can become more efficient. No longer will they have to manage crowds, scream for the next guest, or sit idle while their coworker is swamped with customers.

New Layout? No Problem

One of the most important features of these crowd control posts is the ease with which businesses can set up, adjust, and and take down layouts. It is certain that at some point, layouts will need to be rearranged because of the need to manage different crowd sizes, to allow for new store setups, or even for the night time janitor.

Weighing in at just under 18lb, stanchions can easily be moved by a one person team. Often, rearranging layout won’t even have to involve moving the stanchions. Just release the belt, and attach it to another stanchion without the exertion, effort, and sweaty armpits that come with other crowd control solutions.

Stanchions Control Crowds through Communication

One common mistake for many businesses is that they set up barriers without context. How will customers know where the line starts? Is this the line for the tickets or the cotton candy? Barriers without context are just confusing and meaningless. Enter our favourite retractable belt barrier.

Many stanchions are designed with the capability to attach signs and posters to the top. This gives you the ability to create directions, highlight special promotions, and ensure clear communication with your customers.

As a bonus, stanchions can be used to advertise your business. Alpha Crowd Control gives you the ability to custom print the belts on your stanchions so you can transform your stanchions into an effective branding and marketing tool. Cool huh?

All-purpose and Flexible

Stanchions can be easily used in a variety of different environments, whether it be indoor or outdoor, event or store, conference center or gift shop. With stanchions you can easily adjust the length of all your barriers, repurpose them for different tasks, and customize different setups. That flexibility means you won’t ever have to worry whether your business decides to hold a red carpet celebration or a poolside siesta.

With stanchions, all you have to do is plop them down, pull out the belts, and sit back and relax. Let the stanchions do the  standing around.

Add Stanchions to your Crowd Fighting Arsenal Today!

Stanchions are a must-have for any business looking to control crowds and line ups. They’re cost-effective, flexible, facilitate communication, and are all-purpose.

Send us an email at and we can talk about your business’s crowd control needs, and how we can help you with that.

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