Premium vs. Basic Stanchions

As with any product on the market, stanchions come in many shape and forms. The different choices of stanchions tend to leave many of Alpha Crowd Control’s customers confused about which stanchion will best meet the needs of their business. In this article, we are going to be breaking down the differences between basic and premium stanchions.

Between these two types of stanchions, the most significant differences often lie in the material of the base. With the basic tier of stanchions, the base is often made of concrete with a black steel cover. Compared to the basic tier, the premium tier of stanchions often have a base made out of denser material such as cast iron. The differences in materials and the general make of each stanchion lead to key differences in the weight, appearance, and longevity of the stanchion. These are all factors any business owner should keep in mind before deciding to invest in a set for crowd control purposes


At Alpha Crowd Control, the standard weight of the basic stanchions are 8.2 kg while the standard for premium stanchions is 12.6 kg. Weight influences two factors, portability and stability.

For businesses such as fast food restaurants, festivals and events, there will often be a high volume of stanchions in addition to a need to constantly rearrange and customize layouts. In such cases, the light weight of the basic stanchions would be better suited to the need for mobility. Another factor to consider would be increasing the efficiency of the staff who are responsible for setting these posts and developing crowd control layouts.

The trade off for portability is stability. Lighter stanchions are often shakier and less stable on the ground, a situation that is not ideal for working with aggressive crowds or outdoor conditions. In addition to these common problems, the instability of stanchions creates a “cheap” feeling that may cause customers to associate the brand of the business with low quality. Premium stanchions are a good fit for venues such as night clubs, museums, and upper-end movie theatres.


In general, basic stanchions are constructed at a lower prices point, meaning that the appearance of the posts are dull and the bases are edged and circular. For many businesses, this product is exactly what they need, a simple post that performs the job. How a stanchion looks does not diminish its ability to perform crowd control.

However, for other businesses who want to control the premium perception of the brand and the entire experience, premium stanchions can offer enticing alternatives. For one, premium stanchions often come in stainless steel finish. This reflective , glossy look is more modern and would complement a business’s commitment to quality in every aspect. Aside from the finish of the posts, premium stanchions offer another aesthetic upgrade: bevelled bases.

Bevelled bases are essentially a base with a subtle, rounded edge. Bevelled bases are considered more elegant than their conical counterparts making for a more contemporary, elegant, and classy look.


The most significant consideration when looking into stanchions should be durability. This is when the difference between basic and premium stanchions become extremely clear. The average basic stanchion has an average lifetime of around 3 years before the need for replacement. In contrast, the typical premium stanchion have a much higher average lifetime of around 10 years. When considering the value of stanchions as an investment, it’s clear that the premium stanchions offer a higher return on investment.

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