Velvet Ropes at a Glance

When it comes to crowd control and luxury needs at an upscale event or a five-star business entry, the Velvet rope stanchion is the first thing that comes to mind. These velvet ropes are used to maintain a certain gap between crowds and guests, or objects that are of high value. They are also used to manage queues at such places.

The intangible benefit that these rope barriers have to offer to any place is the absolute statement that it adds to the luxury image and elegance of that high-end place or object on display. They are most commonly seen at movie halls, concerts, premieres, VIP events etcetera, these velvet rope posts are perfect to add lavishness to stores that require classy investment.

If you’re tired of making just enough profit to support the next day or your business is so crowded that your customers are leaving or stealing, Velvet barriers support you. Either way, they give an empty business shop the feel of luxury and a store worth walking into, and they can also be used to control crowds and form queues so either way, it’s a win-win situation for everyone.

Velvet Ropes

These ropes are attached to upright bars or posts that include a hook or clip to latch onto these velvet ropes in this case to form a chain that builds a barrier around the place to form queues at restaurants.

Velvet posts at classy places

Business such as restaurants, bars or nightclubs, require velvet rope posts as an essential element to manage queues to get inside such places. This not only helps manage crowds but also gives away a royal feeling to the place.

At VIP events the rope barriers give a classy, royal, and VIP look and adds flair to an event which is most useful.

Velvet ropes for cinema halls

Most multiplexes use the velvet ropes to add a high-end feel and fetching more compliments regarding security and crowd control arrangements at popular movie gatherings.

Car showrooms

Do you ever notice that not all car showrooms have velvet ropes around their vehicles? Velvet ropes are only used for the ones that do feel and look more exclusive, with a broader selling perspective that can be highlighted through these rope posts to give them exclusivity.

Velvet rope posts at airports

Giving out vibes to business class personnel, rope posts are used to make a royal impression on their customers. It makes them feel like VIP’s and keeps the lines in control and gives a managed view of the crowded place all at the same time.

Velvet ropes for museums

Museums often showcase antiques or objects that are very rare and a part of history and art, they require these rope posts to add good lavish looks and security both these stanchion posts serve very well.


This is a single product with so many different uses for different places and can work wonders at any given place and time.

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