Time and Lines have no influence over us

Isn’t it frustrating to wait in a slow-moving line? The hard truth is that we cannot avoid lines these days with the growth in our population, as everything just seems so crowded. Here’s something that I figured out while waiting in line at the Sky Harbor airport in Phoenix.

I was standing in the security check queue that was not moving very fast. For just a few moments, I wondered and watched how people were reacting to waiting in that line.

There were people who looked disgusted. A few of them gave out a long audible sigh of irritation as they rolled their eyes and drop their shoulders every 20 to 30 seconds. Some checked their watches about every thirty seconds. And of course, some verbally complained about how long the line was, how slow it was moving, and how very mismanaged the entire security check process was.

Despite this, I felt thankful to stand in this long line that moves slower than a snail on that busy morning.

This may not be everyone’s words, but I surely did feel very thankful to be alive. I was grateful to be healthy enough to even be able to stand in line to catch that plane back home. I was thankful to have the money to pay that flight. I was also glad to have the time to travel, and most importantly, glad to be able see my loved ones.

Here is what's truly intriguing. As I thought about those things, that long moderate line didn't really much make a difference to me. In view of what I thought about, I didn't let that long slow line to manage my state of mind.

Our thoughts do influence our state of mind. Yes, I would have favored a shorter, faster line. Who wouldn't? Be that as it may, the truth is, it was a long slow line. So I had a decision. I could concentrate on to what extent the line is, the reason it is so long and whose blame it was that the line wasn't moving. Or, on the other hand, I could decide not to consider those things, but rather, think and ponder things that are significantly more vital.

Nowadays, wherever you go, whether it’s the bank, the supermarket, the mail station, you wind up in line. It's practically difficult to stay away from lines; however, it is conceivable not to enable those lines to baffle you while you wait.

Remaining in line is truly a decent chance to consider the things that you are appreciative for; including the things identified with your present circumstance. On the off chance that you are in line at the supermarket, at that point be appreciative for the wealth of nourishment that we have access to. Be thankful that getting nourishment is so natural and open. Be grateful that you have cash to purchase food. Be appreciative for the support that you and your family will get when they eat it. Take a good lookat the nourishment in front of you and appreciate every little thing.

We, as a whole pick what we need to think. Your feelings will take after your musings. In this way, with regards to holding up in a long moderate moving line, it's your choice. You can stand in line restlessly and be baffled and grumpy. And after that when you're at last through that line you will be in a terrible temperament. Why? Did the line place you in a terrible state of mind? No. You permitted what you thought about in that line to influence you.

So whenever you're in line, waiting for your turn; try this: Reflect on the things that you are thankful for. We, as a whole have so much more to be grateful for. Also, when you truly consider it, a line sufficiently long for us to think and ponder every one of the things that we could say thanks for?

Take a stab at putting energy into being appreciative as you stand in line. You will be stunned at how it will influence your mentality.

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