Plastic Barriers and Expandable Gate

 Model: PEG

Product Description

Alpha Crowd Control's plastic barriers and expandable gate are your top choice for expandable gates. These plastic expandable gates allow you to create a barrier quickly and are lightweight for portability. The weight of the plastic expandable gate can be altered by filling the gate with sand or water. The expandable gate can extend to a width of 8.5 feet and has reflective stickers. The bright yellow and black colour ensures they are easily visible in any situation.

Product Features

  • Height 990mm (39 in)
  • Weight 4kg (8.8 lbs)
  • 40mm (1.5 in) x 380mm (15 in) base
  • Max expandable width of 2600 mm ( 8.5 ft)
  • Polyethylene construction
  • Yellow and black with reflective stickers
  • Weigh is adjustable by filling with water or sand

Alpha Crowd Control’s plastic barriers and expandable gates are a cost-effective portable barricade solution that offers you a range of uses. These durable and portable barriers and barricades can be used for temporary traffic control and crowd control.

What makes them the most reliable items for crowd control equipment?

Temporary traffic control

Most commercial sites often have the need of control traffic at certain times of the day. An expandable plastic barrier can easily be used and can be carried by a single person with ease to block off access roads or car parking areas as well as construction sites at certain times of the day.

Traffic calming measures

An expandable barrier is a good way to outline a car-free or under construction zone. This helps prevent people from parking on the pavement or walking driving into dangerous areas and to reduce the speed of the traffic.

Restricting access

This is a very handy solution to have in a commercial or warehouse setting. Cleaning and repairs can take place at the same time as commercial operations throughout the day while avoiding any unwanted accidents and even theft.

First-line security

Temporary security has always needed the first line to indicate where people must not cross. An expandable barrier offers an effective way to define a space that is off limits to the crowd.

Built for top functionality

  • These lightweight plastic barriers are made of the best quality of bright yellow and black hi-tech plastic paints with reflective stickers to ensure that they are easily visible in any kind of situation and at any time of the day.
  • These plastic slats and legs are corrosion resistant and durable whilst still maintaining its 4 kg lightweight construction. However, if the extra weight is needed to be added they can be filled with water or sand.
  • They are also temporary and can be used anywhere in a short period of time without having to worry about the amount of time it would take to instantly set up a barricade.

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